More than ten years have passed since our founding members created Amitek, a company that since it was founded in 2012 has always proved to be young, dynamic, in rapid and constant expansion. Everyone in Amitek likes what they do, and they are always ready to face new challenges. Following John Adam's thoughts, where others see a problem, the Amitek team see an opportunity.

It's with this vision planted in their brain that the same founding members have today decided to start a brand that combines their decades of experience, the constant aspiration to perfection and the tradition of the historic brand, with the new and primary challenges ahead of us. The future is not a closed book, but a journey to take together, in which every choice can be essential.

The most effective insulation to reduce consumption, the most eco-friendly gas with the lowest environmental impact, high performance refrigeration units for greater efficiency: we make our choices, because we are FRIGOPLANET, and you?

The FRIGOPLANET brand represents the Amitek's challenge for the future. A range of professional refrigeration products carefully selected to offer the effciency and quality that has always characterized the TOP of our range, with particular attention to environmental sustainability for an increasingly green world.

Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday. (Steve Jobs)

Company mission

Customer satisfaction, quality-price ratio, innovation: these are the principles that have motivated us from the beginning, and have lead our growth over the years. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible service, and to this end we offer:

  • over than 9.000 mq warehouse with lots products and spare parts always ready to be delivered;
  • a strict quality and funcional test, at our factory, on all imported products, to be sure to ship to our costumers equipment that meets our high quality standard, so as to ensure its functionality and performance;
  • a service & spare parts department with specialized technicians able to provide quick, qualified support for you to always rely on.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. (Henry Ford)

Product range

Our product range includes both Made in Italy product lines and imported product lines.

In addition to the made in Italy productions of our selected partners, our catalog includes a wide range of products imported by our partner producers from non-EU countries, with which we have established a profitable relationship of collaboration and trust over the years; partners we regularly meet, whose production sites we have visited and with whom we contribute every day to the future we would like. But that's not enough, as all product made abroad are tested and tried up with rigorous quality control at our factory in Italy before shipping.


Since its foundation, Amitek has been constantly growing, year after year. The key to our success is simple: a wide range of products in stock, a high quality customer and technical service department, and we always put in all the necessary efforts in what we do. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best way to advertise our company, and at the same time we know that only by anticipating challenges we can increase our chances of success.

To this end at the beginning of 2016, we moved into a larger facility in order to have more and more space for our products stock, for tests and quality controls, for our showroom and for our technical and commercial departments.

To this end 2023 marks another very important step: the birth of the FRIGOPLANET brand.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. (Alexander Graham Bell)